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Middle Atlantic RLNK-MON120-NS Inline Power Monitor W/ Power Cord

Middle Atlantic RLNK-MON120-NS Inline Power Monitor W/ Power Cord

Middle Atlantic RLNK-MON120-NS Inline Power Monitor W/ Power Cord
MFG Code # 12261106

Product Description:


The RLNK-MON120-NS RackLink 20 A Inline Power Monitor from Middle Atlantic is a practical web-enabled power management system that sets a new standard for A/V installations. Set it up in less than 5 minutes and it will monitor the power and temperature conditions of your system, log and alert you to any irregularities, and even reboot or take another action to correct problems on its own. It is easy to set up and operate, with an open architecture that integrates seamlessly with leading control systems-even your smart phone-and is compatible with 'cloud'-based services but is not dependent on them

  • Item is in excellent working and cosmetic condition
  • All ports and connectors are in good condition.
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  • We do not have other manufacturer's supplied accessories other than the listed ones above, nor the original OEM box.
  • The shipment packaging will be done professionally for a secured transport


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